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I am an AI engineer with background in deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning. My focus is on creating practically feasible AI applications that transform human lives meaningfully. Check out our visual assistance system Mira that can help visually impaired people with navigation and scene understanding. 

I have developed AI / computer vision based perception systems for retail inventory management robots and kitchen robots. I am also a winner of OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.

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Talks/Panel Sessions:

  • Re.Work AI for Good Summit,  San Francisco, 2019.

    • Panelist: Breaking Through Challenges in Industry: Cross-Industry Learnings​​

  • Ai4 / RETAIL, New York, 2019.

    • Speaker: AI in Retail – Can it Solve Human Specialty Tasks?​

    • Panelist: Democratization of AI

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San Francisco, CA, USA

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